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2014-Jul-24 - 10 Best Songs Abou

10 Best Songs About Texas

Texas, our Texas. Not only is it the state song for the magnificent state of Texas, it's also how many Texans (me included) feel about our state. Recently I attended a Texas Rangers baseball game which happened to be on a "Fireworks Friday" promotional

night. During the 10+ minutes of fireworks, the PA system played some of the greatest music you can hear.

Why was it so great? Well, I love what the Rangers did here. All the songs they played pertained to the state of Texas. Needless to say, I was inspired by the songs. I use words like "inspired" very rarely, but I can honestly say throughout the whole series of songs (all while watching fireworks) I had a grin on my face, thinking to myself "Man, am I proud to be from this state."

Now, I'm a fanatical Texan, but I do want it to be known that we don't ride horses to school, not everyone lives on a farm and has a cowboy hat, and we don't all drive trucks. Depending on what part of the state you're from or in, you're going to be more likely to see the big trucks, boots and hats, etc. But not everyone in the state is like this. Example? I don't even own a pair of boots.

With all this in mind, I present to you my personal take on the best songs about Texas. It was too hard to narrow this list down to ten, which was my original intention, so here you have it the best songs about Texas.

10. If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Cheap NFL Jerseys Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band) Alabama

This is quite the song to start out the list. It may've been placed higher if the band's name were something else other than Alabama. Just kidding about that Alabama comment, but this song really does make you tap your toes and dance around. You know how when you're at a club and the DJ plays a really popular song at the moment and everyone in the club gets excited? That's how this song makes a lot of Texans feel.

Texas song lyric: "So we dusted off our boots and put our cowboy hats on straight. Them Texans raised the roof when Jeff opened up the case."

9. Amarillo by Morning George Strait

I have to admit, it was hard to not include more than two George Strait songs on this list. To be perfectly honest, you could probably compile a solid list of at least five songs from George Strait alone. But in the interest of fairness, this list will only contain two songs. I actually didn't have the pleasure of hearing this song at the Rangers game, but I had the pleasure of growing up with this song. There's no way I could have left this one off the list.

Texas song lyric: "When that sun is high in the Texas sky, I'll be bucking at the county fair. Amarillo by morning, Amarillo I'll be there."

8. Texas Tornado Tracy Lawrence

Just like "Amarillo by Morning", I grew up on this song. Although my musical tastes have changed (I'll take rock music over country any day), this song still has a soft spot in my heart. The video is quite comical too, and it makes you realize how far special effects have come since the 90's. As for the song itself, it's a pretty slow song, and the "Texas Tornado" is referring to a girl. Still, when you live in Tornado Alley, you have a much more profound appreciation for tornadoes and references to them.

Texas song lyric: "I'm like a tumbleweed in a wild west Texas wind. You're blowing me away again."

7. Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughn

The first non country song on the list! Don't get too used to it though, because there aren't many other ones that aren't country. Stevie Ray Vaughn is highly regarded by many Texans from many musical backgrounds, especially this song. Stevie Ray Vaughn does a perfect job of fusing blues, country, rock, and a little "folk", if you will, into this masterpiece. If you haven't heard this song I recommend you do because you probably will like it, regardless of your musical background.

Texas song lyric: "Well, back home I know floods and tornadoes, Baby Wholesale Jerseys the sun shines on me every day."

6. 100% Texan Kevin Fowler

I think this is one of my favorite picks. Kevin Fowler is definitely making a name for himself on the Texas Country scene. (Yes, for those who don't know, Texas has its own branch of the country genre.) Fowler's lyrics are completely Texan to the bone (you can check them out at the bottom of the page), and he lets you know he's proud to be a Texan, all while maintaining the ability to not bash on other states. You have to love that!

Texas song lyric: "Yeah I'm a hell bent, 100% Texan 'till I die."

5. All My Exes Live in Texas George Strait

Okay, so my little spoiler from earlier may have given this one away, but I think most of everyone reading this saw this one coming. In fact, this was one of the songs I heard at the Texas Rangers game that inspired me to write this song. Any fan of country, or music, for that matter has to have an appreciation for this song. In the 1990's this song saw a ton of radio time, and even today it still receives a significant amount of airtime. Most of the readers have probably heard this one, but if you haven't do so immediately!

Texas song lyric: "All my exes live in Texas. And Texas is the place, I'd dearly love to be. But all my exes live in Texas. Therefore I hang my hat in Tennessee."

4. Luckenbach Texas Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings is about as big of a Texas legend as they come. Born and raised in typical "small town Texas" (Littlefield, Texas) his music reflects the things he experienced growing up in a small town. Another reason this song is on the list is because of the regionalism. If there's one thing Texans are more proud of their state, it's where they're from in Texas. The story about Luckenbach is extremely interesting, but it's too long for me to include in such a short list. I recommend listening to the song, and reading about this tiny little Texas town placed right in the middle of Texas Hill Country.

Texas song lyric: "Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas, with Waylon and Willie and the boys. This successful life we're living got us fueding like the Hatfields and McCoys."

3. Blame it on Texas Mark Chesnutt

Steel guitars, boots, cowboys, accents, rodeos, anything you need to make a song "Texan", this song has it. Mark Chesnutt was born in Beaumont, Texas which is a town about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend a visit to Beaumont unless you like humidity and mosquitoes that could probably qualify for the "ornithological" category because of their size, but the song is still pretty neat. The lyrics "Been havin' a ball since I was a boy in Beaumont, I loved that town but I just couldn't stay" summarize how many small town Texans feel.

Texas song lyric: "Blame it on Texas, don't blame it on me. I am who I am, and that's what I'm going to be."

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2014-Jul-24 - The Fall Classic at Farmingdale

The Fall Classic at Farmingdale State College

Lacrosse was played in the harsh conditions on Sunday. The sunny, bearable weather was blown away by strong, consistent winds across the fields, causing havoc for many teams and spectators. It did not matter how many layers or hand warmers you wore or how much coffee you drank. Everybody felt the frosty bite of the 40 miles per hour gusts. Still, the event went on and everybody from the players, coaches and especially the organizers, deserve credit for coping with not ideal conditions.

Tom Rotanz, the head organizer of The Fall Classic, was quite pleased with the day. The community braved the harsh elements to come out for the event. What surprised him the most was that more college coaches came than Authentic AJ McCarron Jersey expected (146 in total). They even ran out of programs for everyone.

Just about every school listed was in attendance and competed in three games throughout the day. One notable absence was Chaminade who opted out days before the event.

Below are my team observations from the games I saw. I tried to see as many as I could between hot coco runs and trying to gain feeling in my feet again.

All stats and scores are unofficial. Each game was played through two 25 minute halves.

Their opening contest on Field 1 against Trinity Pawling set the tone for an impressive day. They dictated the pace of play, which was thorough and swift. It all started at face offs thanks to long pole Riley Palmer and his wingmen. That unit controlled the dot to keep the ball in his team sticks. On offense, Connor Ham had a goal and two assists in the first. He showed good presence around the cage capitalizing on a rebound and feeding his cutting teammates (Cory Highfield and Connor VanRyn). The Hill itself used plenty of cutters to reposition player and jumble the defense. The backfield did not get much work when I watched. Long pole Chris Willman converted on an end to end run after waiting and weaving through defenders.

Ward Melville early game against Salesianum was battle against the conditions more than the opponent. It was a good back and forth contest, but more times than not, their intended passes were taken by the wind. Even the ground balls were blown across the cold, hard earth. Danny Bucaro will be a threat for defenses to try and stop. He did not score in the game I saw, but he used his size to drive inside and put some shots on goal. Midfielder Conor McAvoy showed he has the legs and persistence to be a pest on both sides of the ball. Mike Cusamano added a goal in the morning contest on the extra man. The defense stood their ground for the most part. Defender Thomas Reilly played well in the morning game. A big question remains in the crease as to who will replace goaltender Dan Nemirov. Unfortunately, I did not see enough from both players to give a good analysis.

One of two teams that surprised me on the day. Sallies went back and forth with Ward Melville in the morning and tied West Islip 7 7. It was their transition play that stood out. Terrence Logue did a good job at face off and displayed the ability to quickly transition wins to instant offense. He scored a nice goal during six on six on a turnaround crank shot. When the wind was not playing tricks with them, Salesianum passing was good on the run. It led to a tic tac toe shorthanded goal. Unfortunately, the referee was distracted by a second ball which was blown onto the field and blew the play dead. Seconds later, Ward Melville scored on the other end.

An exciting morning game featured two runners up from last year Long Island Championship. The Bulls of Smithtown West went up and down the field with the Chiefs of Massapequa. The first person you notice from the Bulls is long pole Robert Lamardo. His imposing size and stick strength proved effective at disrupting the Chiefs offense. His footwork was exposed against the quick Massapequa dodgers. At the midfield, Garrett Brunsvold made some heads up plays to score an even strength and extra man goal. On his first one, he recognized his defender was watching the ball instead of him. He called for the pass from the left wing, got his arms free on the outside and buried a shot from the right wing. Linemate Alex Disalvo had three shots, including a goal on the run. Attackman Ryan Keenan scored the other goal for the Bulls before play was suspended in the second half.

During the Ward Melville Salesianum game before, the net on the far end of Field 3 kept blowing over despite the equipment and sand bags placed on the back. The officials then put a metal trashcan on to weigh it down. Shortly into the second half, one of the Smithtown West players came around the back of the cage and gashed his leg against it. He remained on the ground for nearly a half an hour before the ambulance arrived.

The Chiefs struggled with the weather early in the contest. Some passes went errantly out of bounds, but a few were questionable giveaways in their own end. Regardless, they adjusted as the game went on. The defense showed it could stop an offense in its tracks, but Massapequa were burned a few times due to late rotations. The team standout was Ryan Tierney. Multiple times he used his swift footwork to get around defenders, including the Bulls Lamardo. He showed he can turn, slash and dodge at sharp angles to find the open lanes to the goal. He even fought off a hard slash on the goal line extended to cut inside for the tally. In fact, a Authentic Marquis Flowers Jersey few Massapequa ball carriers were able to penetrate inside to take mid shots towards net. Attackman Chris Bacotti was active around the net. He cleaned up the crease after the Bull goaltender stopped his teammates initial shot but lost track of the ball. They seemed to have some momentum before the game was called off in the second half.

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2014-Jul-24 - real estate agent's

Real estate agent's marketing 'puffery'

A real estate agent's marketing statements should have been understood as "puffery and hyperbole" and were not misleading, the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal has found.

Agent Daphne Brown has successfully overturned a serious misconduct decision in relation to the marketing of an Auckland central city apartment.

The tribunal upheld an appeal against a decision that misleading information was provided in the statement: "currently we're experiencing a buoyant property market in Auckland. All the indications are that this is not likely Authentic Devin Street Jersey to change now or in the future. The best time to invest is NOW".

The tribunal said that statement would have been taken by any objective viewer as "puffery or hyperbole".

A second charge of serious misconduct was upheld by the tribunal.

The charges were in relation to a marketing scheme by LJ Hooker, trading as City Investment Services Limited (CISL), which promoted Auckland apartments as investment properties. Mrs Brown was principal Authentic Anthony Hitchens Jersey officer of CISL.

In 2006, Hamilton couple bought an apartment in the Zest building, which is now worth significantly less than the purchase price.

They had attended a seminar run by LJ Hooker, and were then visited by an agent who told them the property market was rising and they could make a profit within two to three years.

The couple paid $248,000 for the apartment, which they borrowed $253,500 to purchase.

In 2010 the couple were incurring losses of about $11,000 a year and wanted to sell, but found it was by then worth only $143,000.

The tribunal's decision said the property had since risen in value but was still worth considerably less than LJ Hooker's estimate of more than $300,000 after six years.

It upheld a decision that CISL had given the couple the impression of working on their behalf, which amounted to serious misconduct. The tribunal described the licensee's actions as "a deliberate and serious departure from the acceptable standards".

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2014-Jul-24 - Leisure in Oxford

Fitness and Leisure in Oxford

Times of regular sporting meetings can be found on our many Classes and Clubs pages. A multitude of other events are also listed on our site; find all categories via What On.

Search Oxford County Council database of over 2,000 local clubs and societies here.

Oxford public, council run leisure facilities are unified under the Slice card discount scheme (marked S below). The different types of card are tailored to the kinds of activities you do most often eg. frequent swimmers should try an Slice. Under 17s will be glad to know that a free Kids Slice Card entitles them to free swimming at all council run pools. And a Student Slice Card is available (price as of Sept 2010) which gives big savings on pay as you go prices.

NB: The Daily Info Pool Assessor formerly saw fit to make the point that council pools can be "cold, uncomfortable and beset with timetabling issues which, if you not careful, lead to your turning up in the middle of inflatable rhino hour, or suchlike, and thus being unable to use the pool at all". He did, however, concede that they had the virtue of charging only per swim, rather than requiring you to Authentic Ross Cockrell Jersey purchase membership, as is the custom with some of his alternative suggestions, included below.

Right to Reply, Sep 2010: now nice, warm and comfy and timetables can be found on the website to ensure you miss the inflatable rhinos Stephen, Fusion Lifestyle (managers of Oxford public leisure facilites)

We have listed here all the public and larger private centres we know of (some smaller private gyms are excluded).

Barcelo Hotel Gym, Godstow Road, Wolvercote OX2 8AL. Map: B2. Tel: 01865 489901

Gym, pool, squash courts and sauna. Open to hotel guests and members only, but membership is very reasonable. The pool is more a splash pool than a swimming pool owing to its size and kidney shape, but excellent for small people, and a nice temperature. Open Mon Thu 06:30 22:00, Fri 06:30 20:00, Sat Sun 07:00 20:00. Some classes (zumba, yoga) may be open to the public. Beauty treatments now also available.

Barton Pool, Waynflete Road, Barton, OX3 8GA. Map: H4. Tel: 01865 467290

friendly, state of the art 25m, 4 lane swimming pool and multi activity room open Mon Fri 06:15 22:00, Sat 08:00 20:30 and Sun 08:00 20:30. Health fitness classes, party hire deals and personal training too. S

Update (Sept 2010) from Fusion Lifestyle who manage the city Leisure Centres: new gym being added, open early November 2010, and the building will be renamed Barton Leisure Centre

Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Road, Blackbird Leys. Map: H9. Tel: 01865 467020Update (Sept 2010) from Fusion Lifestyle who manage the city Leisure Centres: New refurbishment programme underway, refurbished changing rooms, reception and new spin studio, should all be open early Oct 2010.

Blackbird Leys Pool, Blackbird Leys Road, Blackbird Leys. Map: H9. Tel: 01865 467040

Small 18 x 8m pool, open between roughly 9am and 9pm daily, though check their website for general public swimming slots. Scheduled sessions include ladies only, Aquafit, over 50s, etc. Available for private party hire. Approx. pool temperature: 86 88 S

David Lloyd, Oxford Business Park North, Garsington Rd., Cowley. Map: H7. Authentic Preston Brown Jersey Tel: 01865 748828

Members club with air conditioned gym with two studios and all the usual equipment; health and beauty centre and hair salon; indoor pool (25m x 12m) with children splash pool; three outdoor and three indoor racquets courts; spa with sauna, steam room, hot tub. Also: creche and playden; caf bar serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Various membership deals. Enquire via their website for prices.

East Oxford Games Hall, 5 Collins St. Map: F6. Tel: 01865 467050

Facilities for badminton, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts etc. Floodlit pitches also available. Commonly hired by teams. Situated behind Tesco on the Cowley Road.

Esporta, St Edward School, Woodstock Road. Map: C3. Tel: 01865 318300

Upmarket centre in a leafy location incorporating: 9,000 sq ft fitness arena, toning suite, 2 air con. aerobic studios, 32 outdoor and 4 indoor tennis courts, 25m indoor pool with separate baby pool, squash courts, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, health and beauty salon, children activity club, creche, restaurant, free parking and more. Times for specific sessions can all be found online under on the website. Various organised social events for members. Various membership rates.

Ferry Sports Centre, Diamond Place (off Banbury Rd), Summertown. Map: D3. Tel: 01865 316091

After its recent million refurbishment, the Ferry Centre now has a 25m 6 lane pool, learner pool, dance studio, 3 squash courts, sports hall, viewing facilities, therapy room and 50+ station gym. All sorts of classes are on offer too. S

Update (Sept 2010) from Fusion Lifestyle who manage the city Leisure Centres: Gym being extended and changing rooms being refurbished, ready early November, and building will be renamed Ferry Leisure Centre.

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2014-Jul-24 - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

During a legal career of more than 45 years, William R. Quinlan served as Chicago's corporation counsel, a Cook County circuit and state appellate judge, and parliamentarian for the Cook County Board before returning to private practice specializing in commercial litigation.

"He was a great lawyer, a brilliant legal scholar, a wonderful trial lawyer and justice of the Illinois appellate court. He had a career that had so many facets to it," said Thomas Hynes, former Illinois Senate president and former Cook County assessor.

Born in Chicago, Mr. Quinlan graduated from Mount Carmel High School Authentic Cyrus Kouandjio Jersey and received a an accounting degree and a law degree from Loyola University. He served for two years in the Army.

In 1971, his father, William E. Quinlan, a longtime worker in the Democratic organization and a Cook County Family Court clerk, was beaten to death in his Southwest Side garage during an apparent robbery.

After the Army, Mr. Quinlan worked as a law clerk for two years for Illinois State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Ward. He then joined the office of Chicago's corporation counsel in 1971. He became the office's first assistant in 1974 and later that year was tapped by Mayor Richard J. Daley to run the department.

Mr. Quinlan stayed on as corporation counsel after Daley died and helped manage the transition to Mayor Michael Bilandic. Supreme Court.

In 1980, Mr. Quinlan was elected a Cook County Circuit Court judge.

Just weeks later, in January 1981, a fire broke out in his Northwest Side home, killing his wife, Jane, and his young son Patrick. Mr. Quinlan and son Bill escaped without significant injury. His daughter was not at home.

"One of the things that really impressed me about him was how he endured through tragedy," his son said. "One of the things that he really instilled in his children is that when challenges occur, you have to endure and move forward."

Ald. Ed Burke, 14th, who knew Mr. Quinlan from the time he joined the corporation counsel's office, said Mr. Quinlan's ability to persevere in the face of challenges was an inspiration to those around him.

"He dealt with adversity and tragedy with courage and faith, and he was a remarkable example of what we should all strive for," Burke said.

As a judge, Mr. Quinlan oversaw trials involving the 1979 roof collapse of what was then the Rosemont Horizon and also presided over the first asbestos trial in Cook County, his son said.

In 1985, Mr. Quinlan was appointed a state appellate justice. The next year, he won election outright.

"When I became a judge, he mentored me and took the time to advise me how to be an appellate judge," said Illinois State Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who was elected to the Appellate Court in 1996 and is Ed Burke's wife. "He was the most wonderful, kind, academic person. He was a judge's judge."

In 1989, Mr. Quinlan resigned from the Illinois Appellate Court to go into private practice. In a letter to then Gov. Jim Thompson, Mr. Quinlan said he would not be able to afford to send his children to college on his judicial pay.

Mr. Quinlan joined Phelan, Pope John, working with his brother in law Richard Phelan. After Phelan won election as Cook County Board president the next year, Mr. Quinlan was Authentic Sammy Watkins Jersey named his special counsel and legal adviser, as well as the County Board's part time parliamentarian. He held both roles through Phelan's single term and through the entire tenure of Phelan's successor, John Stroger.

Mr. Quinlan's work in private practice also included time with Quinlan Carroll. At the time of his death, he was serving his family firm, The Quinlan Law Firm.

Mr. Quinlan retired from private practice in 2011, his son said.

"I think there are probably few members of the legal community in metropolitan Chicago who enjoyed such great respect among the members of the bar and the bench," Ed Burke said.

Mr. Quinlan taught extensively, including trial practice courses at John Marshall Law School, Loyola University School of Law and Northwestern University School of Law. Later in his career, he also received a master of laws degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.

In 1995, Mr. Quinlan moved from the Sauganash neighborhood in Chicago to Wilmette.

Outside of work, Mr. Quinlan was on the board of several nonprofit groups, including Mundelein Seminary at the University of St. Mary of the Lake, the Loyola University School of Law Board of Governors, After School Matters and the Rotary Club of Chicago.

Mr. Quinlan is also survived by his wife, Colleen; two other sons, Matthew and Kevin; three daughters, Erin Kraft, Kathleen and Colleen; and four grandchildren.

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2014-Jul-24 - 7000 Years Of History

7000 Years Of History

Kinnie is a unique tasting, alcohol free,natural, refreshing beverage. Its golden amber colour, and the fact that it is made from bitter oranges and a variety of aromatic herbs, lend this beverage a bitter taste which is an excellent thirstquencher. This drink is ideal on its own, particularly with a slice of orange. Add the yeast. Make a mixture of the luke warm water, sugar and the milk. Add on to the flour and knead the mixture well until the dough is white and elasticated.Place in a bowl, seal with cling film and a wet dish towel, place in a warm place for about 1 Work the dough, cut into small pieces (50g). Place on a baking tray, paste with egg, cut with aknife and let the pieces rest for about 15 minutes. Cook in oven 450F (232C) gas mark 6 8 for 12 15 minutes.No mention of Maltese food is complete without a reference to the local bread, andmore specifically the popular loaf called 'Tal Malti' (literally, "of the Maltese"). Very crusty on the outside, yet soft on the inside, many visitors find the combination of taste and texture offresh Maltese bread irresistible.Indeed, Maltese bread tastes like no other bread in the world. However, to enjoy itat its best, the 'hobza tal Malti' must be eaten fresh, on the same day it was baked. You can find typical Maltese bread at most village groceries and supermarkets. However, a visit to abakery is well worth your while, if only to witness and appreciate the rustic authenticity of the way it Authentic Tavon Rooks Jersey is produced not to mention savouring the enticing aroma of the finished product, fresh outof the oven!A perfect snack is 'hobz biz zejt', served in practically every bar or kiosk and still a favourite packed lunch for many. Each bar and household has a different version of the ingredientswhich make up this popular snack, but they all make a substantial alternative to a quick lunchtime sandwich. The 'hobz biz zejt' is a large Authentic Ronald Powell Jersey thick round of Maltese bread dipped in olive oiLrubbed with ripe tomatoes and filled with a mix of tuna, onion, garlic, tomatoes and capers. A version made with the unleavened variety of Maltese bread, the ring shaped Jtira; is just asdelicious. In restaurants, smaller portions known as 'bruschetta' are served as appetisers.First time visitors to the Maltese Islands are usually pleasantly surprised to realise that a loaf of bread can prove to be such a treat in itself. Some visitors are so taken by this genuine delicacythat they make sure they grab a loaf before boarding their planes, thus taking back home a simple, but incredible slice of Maltese life!I walk into the bread shop in Victory Street, Qormi, opposite St Sebastian's Church. "Is Sur Nenu!Bongu!" The customers greet me with smiles, and I greet them back. I feel a sweet satisfaction to see their bags full of the different varieties of bread to which I have dedicated my life.It was following my wife Angela's inspiration that we bought this shop, which became our first Maypole outlet, and which has now been in operation since 22 years. With eight shops spread all over theisland including one given in franchise and our constant endeavour to continuously supply other shops with fresh bread throughout the day, we have come a long way since we started.My father was a baker, as was his whole family. Qormi is known as 'la casa del fornaio' 'the house of the baker,' and he was a real Qormi man. From a young age, I was naturally inclined to followin his footsteps. Of his six sons and daughters, only one of my brothers and I became bakers.My baking career began when I was just 14 years old. I was employed with my father and worked very hard when, in 1969, he bought the Maypole brand from Carmelo Saliba of Pieta. Maypole had been

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